Collaborating for Koalas

This story comes from Rebecca Owttrim and the Year Two cohort at Bellmere State School in Bellmere, Queensland, Australia.

In 2019, the Year Two cohort at Bellmere State School explored threats to native Australian wildlife, which related to their UN goal focus: Responsible Consumption and Communities. As Rebecca Owttrim explains, the experience provided a perfect opportunity for students to team up with one another and make a difference in their community.

“After seeking knowledge from numerous local wildlife support groups, we discovered koalas are in great danger from both human and natural threats due to loss of habitat. One particular volunteer-based organization caught our hearts with their devastating stories, and the students decided to do something about it!

They focused on Collaboration to join forces and create handmade objects to sell to their families. The created items were 100% student inspired and created. Families volunteered their time to work with the students on their Passion Projects and make their dream come true!

The fundraising day itself was a blast! The students sold their items to Year 2 families and raised an impressive $728.60 for our volunteer group. Perfect example of making a real difference in their community and using collaboration to get it done.”

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