USA Deep Learning Lab 2019

April 16-17 2019, Redmond, Washington.

DLL Goals

The inaugural USA Cluster Deep Learning Lab highlighted the deep learning taking place across the United States and beyond. The conference brought together educators from 10 states and three countries to join the conversation on deep learning.

  • Build collaborative connections and partnerships
  • Deepen our understanding of learning design and assessment
  • Examine the connections between deep learning, equity, and wellbeing

Daily Agenda and Resources

We ask that these links and resources please stay within the NPDL members community. Thank you!


KEYNOTE: Being Human in a Digital Age (Mark Sparvell)

  • Keynote Links  PDF


  • 1A: Creating K-12 Conversations and Conditions with the 6Cs  PDF
  • 1B: Deep Learning in the Pacific Northwest  PDF
  • 1C: NPDL 101  PDF  |  Handout  PDF


  • 1D: Exploring a Teacher-Created 6Cs Curriculum: The Process, Products, and Outcomes  PDF
  • 1E: Alignment Is Not Enough  PDF  |  Handout  PDF

WORKSHOP: Leading Coherence-Making for Deep Learning (Joanne Quinn)

  • Handout  PDF


KEYNOTE: Well-Being: Connections to Deep Learning (Dr. Jean Clinton)

KEYNOTE: Measuring Human Return (Joanne McEachen)

WORKSHOP: Finding Purpose at the Intersection of Well-Being and Deep Learning (Mag Gardner)  PDF


  • 2A: The First 100 Days of NPDL  PDF  |  Handout  PDF
  • 2B: International School Insight  PDF
  • 2C: School-Wide Systems and Structures for Sustainability of Deep Learning  PDF