7th Grade Remote Learning NPDL Units

This story comes from Jennifer LeBrun at Sierra Vista Middle School, Hacienda La Puente United School District in California, where we have been working with schools for over 2 years now.

An evolving story……In challenging and changing times, Jennifer shares her plans to ensure the Deep Learning continues to grow in and across her classrooms during the COVID-enforced remote learning.

Jennifer says “The best part of working from home has been the time and freedom to rev up my creative juices and put together units like these. I am so fortunate to have connections to so many wonderfully supportive colleagues who bring out the best in me as a professional. From my administrators and district Tech TOSAs to my ELA colleagues and grade-level team – they each played a part in allowing, teaching, supporting, and refining the components that went into these units. I have also shared this with professional groups I belong to (thus prompting the partnership with 7/8th grade students in Ohio and Texas) and other school sites within my district.

As my students have just started this unit and as we have various levels of participation in distance learning due to a variety of factors, I don’t yet have much student work.”

A wonderful example of explicitly planned Deep Learning, embracing the 6 Global Competencies AND the Four elements of learning design.

Thank you Jennifer, and we look forward to seeing the work students create!

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