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7th Grade Remote Learning NPDL Units

This story comes from Jennifer LeBrun at Sierra Vista Middle School, Hacienda La Puente United School District in California, where we have been working with schools for over 2 years now.

An evolving story……In challenging and changing times, Jennifer shares her plans to ensure the Deep Learning continues to grow in and across her classrooms during the COVID-enforced remote learning.

We would love to hear your stories too…feel free to share with us!

In challenging times, a model that acknowledges our need to adjust and grow. It provides some language on which we can base discussions and provoke thinking. It also provides an opportunity to focus on Character, Citizenship, Critical Thinking and more….

It also reflects the spirit of many of the conversations we have had over the last 2 weeks with our members globally.

A wonderful story from Northern Bay P-12 College, one of our NPDL Member schools, in Geelong, Australia.

UNESCO Distance Learning Solutions has harvested a bounty of useful links, sites and resources into one convenient spot.

This robust site from AITSL provides guiding principles, links, and helpful advice about what works in online/distance teaching and learning.

Student Voice Empowered Podcast.
Engagement is the gateway to learning – but is engagement enough? Let’s hear from students who take engagement to the next level –ACTION!
Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/npdl/student-voice-empowered

Ottawa Catholic School Board, via Twitter, sharing the importance of Partnerships, and connecting back to the NPDL Four Elements as a Lens for educators who are preparing to facilitate deep learning from a distance.