Navigating Uncertainty


As we continue to navigate uncertain times, these resources can provide Parents, Families and Teachers with practical ways to support kids, themselves and each other.

For Parents and Families

For Teachers

Survive the Surge. Families: Supporters of Learning at Home,  

NPDL team member Dr Jean Clinton (@Drjeanforkids) shares her insights about how to support children at this time.

Survive the Surge. When Families Feel the Stress, lend your Humanity.

Dr Jean Clinton shares more insights about how to support children at this time.

Educators Lend your Calm

Navigating Uncertainty: As we all struggle with the surge, @Drjeanforkids shares some important pointers about reaching out and connecting with students.

Navigating Uncertainty: practical ways for teachers to activate learning, build culture and encourage collaboration.

Activate Learning – tips for an online environment

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Survive the Surge. Six tips to support your kids and yourselves.

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Survive the Surge – 6Cs as conversation starters.

Survive the Surge by starting conversations with your kids. Positive language you can use.

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Navigating Uncertainty: some open-ended strategies to inspire the development of Global Competencies.

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Navigating Uncertainty: Engaging Learners through Voice, Choice and Agency

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Survive the surge by embracing play. It’s not just for kids any more. article 1: and a second:

Survive the surge:  Finding the good rewires your brain. @Jeanforkids explains.

Survive the surge: Remember that we are not our best selves at this time. How to give grace to each other and yourself.

Survive the surge: Give yourself a break—it’s about progress not perfection.

Parents as Gardeners

Survive the surge: consider the differences between schooling and learning.

Survive the surge: Well-being, Equity and Deep Learning are braided together. You can’t really support one without addressing the other two.

Survive the surge: @jeanforkids shares 10 tips for managing stress.