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Join in transforming learning by supporting students to make a difference in their world today and in the future…

Be part of the solution.

We invite you to join our global knowledge building community as we meet to share Deep Learning solutions for creating a world where all kids can realize their talents, cultivate meaning, and work together to restore a strained world.

Join New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) in our commitment to fostering Deep Learning so that all learners can contribute to the common good, address global challenges and flourish in a complex world.

Deep Learning is the learning process that develops the 6 Global Competencies: Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity.

Featured Voices 

These Deep Learning Leaders will recharge your batteries and drive you toward action.

Shawn Ginwright  |  Hayin Kimner  |  Michael Fullan  |  Joanne Quinn

Zaretta Hammond  |  Michael Matsuda  |  Mark Sparvell  |  Laura McBain

Derek Wenmoth  |  Dr Jean Clinton  |  Mag Gardner  |  Max Drummy

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Apr 16

This is a one day overview to prepare those new to Deep Learning to fully participate on April 17 & 18.

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Deep Learning Lab


Apr 17-18

Conference Rate includes: two breakfasts, two lunches, breaks, and virtual package.

Members $895
Teams 5+ $845

Non-member $995
Teams 5+ $945

  • All prices are in US dollars.
  • If you would like to pay via invoice instead of credit card, please contact Bailey Fullan ([email protected]) prior to registering.

Deep Learning Lab Hotel

JW Marriott, Anaheim, California
1775 South Clementine Street
Adjacent to Disneyland

Special rate $259 available until  March 20

Join us.

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Recent Publications

Education Reimagined

We are delighted to partner with Microsoft Education on the newly released position paper, Education Reimagined: The Future of Learning.

The paper presents a model to support schools and systems as they move from rapid response, through to remote-learning and then forward planning for re-opening and a new paradigm for education, one that brings the best of approaches forward.

It contains useful tools, models, conversation frameworks and guidance to contribute to the outstanding work educators are already doing.

Download Paper:

A full list of Supporting Tools and Resources for the paper and accompanying webinars (NPDL members only) can be accessed here.

The right drivers for whole system success

Celebrating 10 years since the release of Michael Fullan’s first “drivers” paper, CSE and Michael again collaborate to explore The right drivers for whole system success.

This paper is intended to provide a comprehensive solution to what ails the current public school system and its place in societal development – a system that is failing badly in the face of ever complex fundamental challenges to our survival, let alone our thriving as a species. What follows is a ‘big’ proposal. Once started the ‘four drivers’ feed on each other as a system in motion. Most important, the timing is right.

Download Paper: 

Engage Secondary Students Because the Future Depends on it.

As secondary educators we must prepare students now for the uncertainties of tomorrow. In a decade, the students you are teaching today will be charged with the massive responsibility of tackling the world’s most prickly problems. Memorized math formulae and rehearsed soliloquies won’t get us out of the fix we are in. We need to engage our students differently because the future depends on it.

If you want to engage secondary students and prepare them for tomorrow, here are 12 provocations to put you on a Deep Learning path.

Download Paper:

Activate Deep Learning and Lift from Loss

We are all different now. By necessity, school has also changed. Quite simply, there is no going back.

We must seize this unique moment to activate the students’ innate desire to connect and be curious through authentic deep learning. Not only will this re-engage them in school but it will also accelerate the learning, as motivation and engagement combine to lift them from learning loss.

Download Paper:

Latest book

Our latest book is available for purchase. Order yours now!

The learning experts in system change and learning, with their school-based partners around the world, have created an essential companion to their runaway best-seller Deep Learning: Engage the World Change the World. Dive into Deep Learning is a hands-on guide that provides a road map for building capacity in teachers, schools, districts and systems to design Deep Learning, measure progress, and assess conditions needed to activate and sustain innovation.