Students as Changemakers

Agenda at a Glance

April 16 – Preconference

New to Deep Learning? Here is your diving board. Come learn about the 6 Global Competencies, the 4 Elements of Deep Learning Design and the systemic framework that supports it. You will be exposed to a range of examples from kindergarten to graduation.


April 17


A Pivot to Healing Centered Leadership: Reimagining Justice, Reimagining Ourselves

Shawn Ginwright  |  9:00-9:50  |  RM TBA
In his talk, Dr. Shawn Ginwright will identify four myths of social movements, uncovering a set of deeply ingrained beliefs that ultimately hold us back from healing and achieving sustainable, systemic change. He will share why these frames won’t work and instead, propose four pivots for:

  • more impactful activism
  • building transformative relationships
  • stronger, healing-centered leadership
  • championing equity and hope in educational settings.

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Kids in the Hall. Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

Dr. Alfonso Jiménez & students  |  9:50-10:15  |  RM TBA
Listen to the kids: their truths are hard to ignore. Join Superintendent Dr. Alfonso Jiménez and some of his students from Hacienda La Puenta School District as they share their perspectives on what brings joy to deep learning and how they imagine making a difference in the world.  ↑ top


Insight Sessions 1

10:40-11:40  |  RM TBA
See Insight Sessions page for more details.
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Deep Disrupters: System Transformation

Adriana Aristimuño, Matt Doyle, Michael Matsuda, Michael Fullan  |  11:45-12:45  |  RM TBA
In this session we will hear from organizational leaders who will share their insights about how they are stirring up the status quo in order to realize a better future for their students. Following their talks, Michael Fullan will provide some reflective remarks.  ↑ top


Educator as Futurist: Moving beyond “Preparing for the future” to “Shaping the future”

Laura McBain  |  1:45-2:45  |  RM TBA
We are in the midst of a global inflection point. In our quest for certainty, how do we move beyond feeling merely ‘prepared’ as if it is a multiple choice test with a predictive path, but instead be equipped with the literacies to notice unfolding trends, embrace ambiguity and utilize bold imagination that create futures that look radically different than today. What ideas need to be retired? What uncomfortable truths need to be realized? How do we ensure that the future does not happen to us? If we are going to move forward toward more just futures, we need to look beyond the content requirements, but capable of seeing and designing multiple futures for our young people. We will consider: Why being a futurist matters now more than ever? What does it mean to be a futurist educator? How can you start right now?   ↑ top


Insight Sessions 2

2:55-3:55  |  RM TBA
See Insight Sessions page for more details.
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Pulling it Together

Jorga Marrum & Chris Morris  |  4:00-4:30  |  RM TBA
There is so much to digest at the Deep Learning Lab! In this session, Jorga Marrum and Chris Morris will facilitate a collaborative protocol for processing the rich thinking and new learning.   ↑ top

April 18


Community Schools: A Whole Child Whole Community Approach to Deep Learning

Hayin Kimner & Joanne Quinn  |  9:00-10:00  |  RM TBA
Let’s explore a powerful strategy for building relationship-centered, supportive, and equitable school communities where learning is culturally-rooted, inclusive, rigorous, and relevant. Educators, families and communities are still reeling from the disproportionate realities of the pandemic and unrelenting volatility of urgent change. This interactive session will build capacity to create a coherent approach that prioritizes Deep Learning and engages all voices in creating a better future.   ↑ top

Meet the Mobilizers: Deep Learning, Well-being and Equity

11:20-12:20  |  RM TBA
Choices! Choices! This won’t be easy! Join either Zaretta Hammond, Jean Clinton or Derek Wenmoth for a stimulating session that addresses Deep Learning and its relationships with well-being and equity.

  • For Joy and Justice: Leveraging Deeper Learning for Equity and Cognitive Justice

    RM TBA  |  Zaretta Hammond
    We want every student to experience joy as a learner. But joy and confidence come by building competence as a powerful learning.  During this session, Ms. Hammond will explore how coupling the global competencies and the science of learning can be a path to cognitive justice for historically marginalized students.

  • Deep Learning with Compassionate Systems at the Heart

    RM TBA  |  Jean Clinton
    How powerful could it be to combine the NPDL Deep Learning framework with Peter Senge’s thinking regarding behind Compassionate Systems? Curious? Come find out how I am exploring transformation of thinking through methods of reflection, sensing and flourishing!

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  • Deep Learning Innovations in Challenging Times

    RM TBA  |  Derek Wenmoth
    In this session Derek will share the story of two rural secondary schools located in different parts of New Zealand. Both are involved in the NPDL programme, and both are in areas with a high proportion of Māori students, where working in culturally responsive ways is important. Both were impacted significantly by the impact of the COVID pandemic, with repeat absences of both staff and students. When COVID disrupted their traditional ways of operating, the leadership and staff at these schools embraced the opportunity to change, leveraging their deep learning experiences, to design and deliver rich and engaging learning experiences for their learners wherever they were located. This presentation explores what was learned about leadership, change and building resilience at the classroom, school and system level.

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Towards The Betterverse: Teachers as architects for preferred futures.

Mark Sparvell  |  2:25-3:10  |  RM TBA
Collectively we remain challenged by what defines ‘human intelligence’, let alone, artificial or augmented intelligence (no, chatGPT did not write this!) In this fun, fast and fact-filled session, Mark will explore the edges of the current education landscape and consider the implications for learning design and leading through this inflexion point by leaning towards our uniquely human attributes and leveraging currently and emerging technologies.   ↑ top


A Call to Action: NPDL Global Team

NPDL Global Team  |  3:10-3:30  |  RM TBA
In this interactive session, the NPDL Global Team invites you to consolidate your learning from the past two days and consider what might be some next steps in your Deep Learning journey.   ↑ top