Deep Learning Partnerships @Home Series

In this series of short articles, we explore how learning on the home front does not have to be boring. Children of all ages can engage in deep learning and pursue the development of the 6 Global Competencies: character, collaboration, creativity, citizenship, communication, and critical thinking. Deep Learning educators share how they are facilitating learning with their own children during these trying circumstances.

In our first article, Children need choices, Laura, a Deep Learning educator and mother,

shares how she is keeping her girls engaged and busy during self-isolation




Article Two, Let them Lead, shares how Amelia remains connected to the people who matter most.

Article Three, Routines, French and Marble runs!

Article Four, Connection, Collaboration, Communication and Citizenship

Article 5: Play!

Article 6: A work in progress

Article 7: They teach, they Learn.

Learning Partnership @HOME Posters

1 page poster

2 page poster