Deep Learning and Well-Being – Levelling the Playing Field for all Children

At our recent Global Deep learning Lab We had the pleasure and privilege of listening to Dr Jean Clinton, Child Psychiatrist / Knowledge Translator, make connections between our 6 C’s, teaching, learning, stress and “success” Dr Jean elaborates further here:

A couple of Dr Jean’s most powerful statements were that “Teachers create the weather in the classroom”, and that “Every child deserves at least one set of eyes that light up when they enter the classroom……Be that person that ignites their spark.”

Thankyou Dr Jean for your thought-provoking insights, fabulous sense of humor and critical messaging!

Good News Stories in press

It was wonderful to catch up with so many of you at our DLL several weeks ago. Thank you for making our time together so powerful! The collaborative conversations, sharing of insights and resources, and culture of learning together was an energising and humbling experience.

The connections and relationships continue to bloom post-DLL, and we wanted to share a couple of stories that have made it to press.

Burlington-Edison school district, in Washington State, hosted our Netherlands NPDL team shortly after the DLL. The day not only showcased Deep Learning, but also stimulated conversations about creating stronger and more tangible links between teachers, leaders and learners across our Global Network.

Read more about those connections here 


One of our SPARK  thought leaders, Gwen Keith, was also featured in the news in recognition for her passionate and powerful leadership of NPDL in her region. Congratulations Gwen, for your tireless work supporting NPDL!

Read more about NPDL in Saskatchewan here

We’d love to hear and feature more stories of success – please get in touch if you have news to share!


Podcasts – Doubling Up – Mary Coverdale and Cristobal Cobo

NPDLConnect Podcast series

As we lead up to our Global Deep Learning Lab let’s double the thought leadership!

Mary Coverdale

Mary Coverdale has been the Assistant Regional Director in the North Coast Region of Australia, and has committed her career to improve public schools in her country. Her passion to support teachers to develop curious, civic-minded citizens, who love learning, has triggered her unstoppable curiosity on how to ensure teaching and learning in schools is relevant to the needs of students.

In this podcast Mary will discuss the ´human industry´ of education, explain how positive grass root movements impact policies and explore the connection between student voice and true democracy.


Cristóbal Cobo

Cristóbal Cobo (PhD) is Director of the Center for Research – CEIBAL Foundation in Uruguay, and also an associate researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute at University of Oxford.

In this podcast we discuss Cobo´s perspectives on innovation in education and on the feasibility of a ´future proof education´. We will go deeper into the ´what and why´ of the gaps between academic theory, research and everyday school practice.






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DLL 2018 Vancouver Program release


The program for our 2018 DLL in Vancouver is live and available here.

Plan your schedule to engage with as many thought leaders and Insight Sessions as you can.

We hope to see you there!

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Podcast – Leading and Learning in Uruguay

NPDLConnect Podcast series

Leading and Learning in Uruguay

This week we are in Uruguay working with Mentors, Principals and System leaders further building understanding and capacity to strengthen the NPDL working over 400 schools across the country.

In this special edition of  our NPDL Podcasts (in Spanish) we will go in deep conversation with three key players of this work. We will hear how Uruguay interprets educational change and how it aims to capitalize on the generation of new knowledge and transform it into everyday educational improvement.

The Red Global is NPDL in Uruguay.  Across Uruguay more than 400 schools are engaged in the NPDL  learning partnership.

Claudia Brovetto is the Cluster Lead of Red Global. She talks about the challenges of generating educational change at a national scale and how to take advantage of the technological rich infrastructure that Uruguay has in order to accelerate results.

Our second podcast features Cristóbal Cobo, who directs the CEIBAL Foundation. This organization nourishes the project with academic research. In this dialogue we will talk about how to conceive and measure educational on a large scale and what information reflects genuine educational advances in a country with no centralized standards.

Finally, Ramón Silveira works in the Communication of the Red Global. In this conversation we will look at communication as a vital lever for change and it´s key role to position, extend and deepen the message of NPDL at a national level.

To learn more about #NPDL Cluster Uruguay visit


La Red Global de Aprendizajes es la implementación en Uruguay de #NPDL: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning. Esta iniciativa si bien comparte la misma visión direccional en siete países, pero alienta a los Clusters Nacionales miembro a emplear enfoques únicos para fomentar el cambio de acuerdo a los desafíos particulares de su contexto.

Uruguay, junto con Finlandia, es el país que más Centros Educativos ha integrado a la RED de #NPDL. En 2018, 420 Centros Educativos forman parte de este conglomerado.

En esta edición especial de #NPDL Podcasts en Español profundizaremos junto a 3 actores clave de esta iniciativa sobre la visión de cambio que interpreta Uruguay y cómo busca capitalizar la generación de conocimiento para transformarla en mejoras educativas cotidianas.

Claudia Brovetto lidera la Dirección Operativa de la Red Global desde el 2016. Conversaremos sobre los desafíos de generar un cambio educativo a nivel nacional y sobre cómo aprovechar las ventajas tecnológicas con que cuenta Uruguay para acelerar resultados.

Cristóbal Cobo, dirige la Fundación CEIBAL que nutre de investigación académica al proyecto. Intercambiaremos sobre lo que es posible medir a gran escala y qué información reflejan avances educativos genuinos.‏

Ramón Silveira trabaja en la Comunicación de la Red Global de Aprendizaje considerándola una palanca de cambio vital para posicionar, extender y profundizar el mensaje de la RED Global de Aprendizajes a nivel nacional.

Para conocer más visite

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