Podcast – Michael Fullan part 1

NPDLConnect Podcast series

Michael Fullan is a worldwide authority on educational reform.

Michael “walks the talk” by leading our NPDL Partnership – a global endeavor to shift pedagogy and deepen learning  in over 1000 schools in 7 countries.

A former Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto, Michael advises policymakers and local leaders around the world to provide leadership in education, integrating solid academic knowledge and the undeniable (and often under looked) theoretical richness of everyday teacher practice.

Michael received the Order of Canada in December 2012, and holds honorary doctorates from several universities in North America and abroad, and yet, he is a constant learner, a careful listener, a gifted observer and a defiant voice advocating for the moral purpose of all children learning. His perspective on the why and how to shape a meaningful school system for the learners of today pushes the thinking of thousands of change makers around the world.

In this Podcast, Michael talks us though areas such as Whole system change in Finland, why we should not wait for politicians to start changing schools and the  relationship between equity and quality, amongst others!

If you are interested in reading about Michael Fullan, we share a list of his books:


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Podcast – Joanne Quinn

NPDLConnect Podcast series

Joanne Quinn leads the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Capacity Building team,  inspiring change through the development of professional capital in 1000+ schools in 7 countries (Australia, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, United States and Uruguay).

Joanne has a coherent, grounded, innovative perspective of change. She has worked and led at every level of numerous educational systems as a teacher, a principal and systems leader. In our second podcast of this series, Joanne talks about making purposeful and meaningful connections, and the essence of the teaching profession.

Information about Joanne’s latest book, Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools (co-authored with Michael Fullan) is available here

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Podcast – Alan November

We’re really pleased to be able to bring to you our

NPDLConnect Podcast series.

Over time, we will feature a variety of Thought Leaders and practitioners from across the globe.

Our aim is to provoke and challenge your thinking, and inform and support your leadership at classroom, school and district levels,

and address both  myths and facts about today´s educational challenges..


Our first podcast features Alan November and is available on SoundCloud 

Alan November thrives on confirming and challenging educators’ thoughts about what’s possible in the world of teaching and learning. More than anything, he is a teacher at heart, with a wealth of experience teaching learners of all ages.

Alan is an international leader in education technology. He began his career as an oceanography teacher and dorm counselor at an island reform school for boys in Boston Harbor. While Alan was a computer science teacher in Lexington, MA, he was probably the first teacher in the world to have a student project on line in 1984, a database for the handicapped. He has been director of an alternative high school, computer coordinator, technology consultant and university lecturer. He has helped schools, governments and industry leaders improve the quality of education through technology. You can learn more about Alan and his work here

To Listen:

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Ask the Thought Leaders

Excitement is building for our Deep Learning Lab in Toronto May 1-3

One of the powerful features of this event is to be able to connect, communicate and create new knowledge and understanding with colleagues.

We want to extend that opportunity to anyone who can’t attend the event; here’s your chance!

If you could ask our five DLL Thought Leaders a question, what would it be?

What might you ask

  • Michael Fullan?

  • Daan Roosegarde?

  • Joanne Quinn

  • Alan November?

  • Joanne McEachen?

Post your questions as comments on our  Facebook Page (remember to tag who they are for) an we will attempt to ask as many as possible to our thought leaders over the 3 days in Toronto.

These conversations, and many more, will be broadcast as podcasts here at our Blog.

For more information and opportunities to interact, follow us on twitter @Newpedagogies and #NPDL

NPDL Deep Learning Series – A Cross Case Study

These are exciting times. For the first time we see the real possibility for transforming education because Deep Learning, if done well, excites students, parents, teachers and leaders at all levels.

Toward District Wide Deep Learning – A CROSS CASE STUDY reviews the initial NPDL journey of three Ontario School Districts: who they are, what they did, and with what outcomes so far.

This report was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Download the Cross Case Study

NPDL Global Report

NPDL is happy to share our first Global Report, detailing early findings, key areas of learning, and insights to inform the future direction of our global partnership.
The work of teachers, school leaders, and other NPDL participants in Clusters across the globe is already making a difference for learners.

Teachers have measured the impact of NPDL tools and processes in developing the 6Cs, and are designing deep learning experiences that are meaningful to students, their families, and the world.

Download the report below, and see how teachers and other NPDL leaders are finding success using NPDL tools to develop deep learning outcomes on a global scale.

Download the report here: globalreportbit.ly/NPDLglobalreport