NPDL Global Report

NPDL is happy to share our first Global Report, detailing early findings, key areas of learning, and insights to inform the future direction of our global partnership.
The work of teachers, school leaders, and other NPDL participants in Clusters across the globe is already making a difference for learners.

Teachers have measured the impact of NPDL tools and processes in developing the 6Cs, and are designing deep learning experiences that are meaningful to students, their families, and the world.

Download the report below, and see how teachers and other NPDL leaders are finding success using NPDL tools to develop deep learning outcomes on a global scale.

Download the report here:


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  1. Tom D'Amico
    Tom D'Amico says:

    Great to see this report Max, thanks for sharing. We have seen similar results in our Board with our system implementation of Deep Learning as a teaching and learning framework (#OCSB – Ottawa Catholic – Canada)

    • maxdrummy
      maxdrummy says:

      Thanks Tom, really positive to have affirmation of our combined efforts across the globe – and also some prompts for the next level of work, and fertile ground. Look forward to bringing this (and us) all together in Toronto in May 2017!

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