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2021 Virtual Deep Learning Lab

Announcing our 2021 Virtual Global DLL




NOV 1–3, 2021

Registration for our NPDL 2021 Virtual Global Deep Learning Lab is open.

Download Brochure: https://bit.ly/NPDLL21flyer

Learn more here: https://deep-learning.global/dll21/

Register here: https://bit.ly/npdl2021dll



Engage Secondary Students Because the Future Depends on it

Engage Secondary Students Because the Future Depends on it.

As secondary educators we must prepare students now for the uncertainties of tomorrow. In a decade, the students you are teaching today will be charged with the massive responsibility of tackling the world’s most prickly problems. Memorized math formulae and rehearsed soliloquies won’t get us out of the fix we are in. We need to engage our students differently because the future depends on it.

If you want to engage secondary students and prepare them for tomorrow, here are 12 provocations to put you on a Deep Learning path.

Better Together webinar Re-Run

Better Together Webinar Re-Run

Thursday May 6 12 NOON AEST

Deep Learning momentum is fueled by the boundless talent of teachers from around the world. In this session, teachers will come together to brainstorm, imagine and design a Deep Learning experience in a digital space. When creativity, collegiality and challenge collide, the possibilities are endless. Teachers will receive a package of tools and resources.

Intended audience: Teachers actively engaged in, or interested in expanding their capacity to provide Deep Learning

Registration required:  http://bit.ly/B2Gnpv2

Handout: https://bit.ly/NPbetter21


Change of email address

 Dear Deep Learning Members and Friends.

In line with our change of website address to https://deep-learning.global  our email addresses have also changed.

Please update your contact lists as below.

Please note – if you have sent any email to the previous addresses ([email protected]) in the last 24 hours, we are unable to access those, so please resend to the new addresses below.

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NPDL Global Team



Website Relaunch: deep-learning.global

We’re back online. 
New website and URL

Dear NPDL members and friends.
We are happy to report that both our public and members-only (HUB) websites are operational again.
Thankyou for your patience during this rebuild.
Please note, the URL (website address) has CHANGED and is now https://deep-learning.global (don’t forget that dash between deep and learning!) Please update your bookmarks!

As a consequence of the rebuild, members who changed their password between March 22 and April 6 may need to reset it again. If you have not changed your password for some time, now would also be a timely opportunity to do so!
Please get in touch with us if you have any issues accessing the new site. Finally, if you do happen to find and non-functioning or missing links on any pages, please let us know!
NPDL Global Team



Deep Learning and the Brain – Dr Jean Clinton

Podcast – 

Many of us have had the privilege to hear and talk to Dr Jean Clinton @DrJeanforkids

Listen in to her in conversation with Jennifer Atienzo-Fisher, Director of Marketing & Communications at Fort Wayne Community Schools.



Welcome to NPDLConnect!

maxdrummyIt is with a great deal of pleasure that we welcome you to NPDLConnect. As the name of this blog suggests, our intent is to bring together ways of thinking and working, conversations, processes and assets so that we can further support the great work that is happening in New Pedagogies for Deep Learning schools globally.
The blog will feature content available in the public domain, and also links to members-only content (signified by this symbol MO) hosted on our Deep Learning Hub.

Today we are also excited to launch a number of new and revised tools in our Capacity Building section of the Deep Learning Hub ( MO). Among these are 6 Capacity Building Modules, a Parent Engagement activity, and leading Learning Conversations – a document to help school leaders have focussed deep learning design conversation with teachers. We will host short webinar workshops to unpack these, and other new documents over the coming weeks.

First and foremost, however, this blog is about YOU and your learners!

We would love to hear your stories, your ideas, your triumphs and challenges, and come together to create a powerful collaborative dialogue about all things NPDL.

So our first prompt: What are the three most powerful ideas, enablers or actions that you have engaged in to bring NPDL to life for your learners?boxmodel

Post a response below or feel free to email me with further thinking: [email protected]

If you would like to contribute a longer article, contribution guidelines are available here.

To ensure you stay up to date with all that will happen through NPDLConnect, we suggest subscribing via email in the box at the right of this page.

Also follow us on Twitter @NewPedagogies, or on Facebook.

Let’s go deep!



Deep Learning Lab 2017

The world needs solutions like never before and NPDL has never been more relevant.  Deep learning  isn’t just about transforming education but how education can transform the world. Join the movement alongside students, parents, educators, and global partners as we roll up our sleeves for three days of collaboration, problem solving, inspiration and celebration.

Join innovative educators, dedicated partners and thought leaders to explore and celebrate progress in Deep Learning in Toronto, Canada for our 2017 Deep Learning Lab! Space is limited so register now!

Download the Deep Learning Lab Brochure to view the program here.

Register Now! Registration is now open for all NPDL Members and Non-Members