Capacity Building – Leadable – Efficiency is for Robots

The second of our “Leadables”- “Efficiency is for Robots”

A critical element of change leadership is “going slow to go fast”, but sometimes leaders need a short, sharp focus to generate professional learning conversations or for individual reflection.

Designed as “quick shots”, “Leadables” are intended to be used to provoke dialogue and focussed conversations around a variety of Leading, Teaching and Learning elements. Themes will be drawn from examples we are seeing in schools and organizations, questions we are encountering and new ideas and research around deep learning.

Artificial intelligence. On-line banking. Driverless cars. Tele-surgery. Robo accountants, lawyers, pilots. It’s incredible how those cheap little microchips that are preoccupied by algorithms can accomplish so much without ever taking a bathroom break! Robots are the paragon of efficiency!

Read on, reflect and take another look at our capacity building Teacher Self-Assessment tool.