Podcast – From Me to Us

NPDLConnect Podcast series


Human exchange in a ´digitalized´world has turned the capacity to collaborate into a vital skill to develop professional knowledge. 

John Mavorec sees this shift as a ´knowmad society´. Whereas industrial society required people to settle in one place and perform a specific function; technologies allow a new paradigm of workers to arise, performing from anywhere, re contextualizing their work environments and relationships. 

How does this new way of learning and develop talent is reflected in the ways we are re-thinking schools?

How can we capitalize the use of technology to develop meaningful professional exchanges, human and social capital?

In this Podcast three educators that are leading the shift from ´my school´ to ´our network´as New Zealand´s Ministry of Education furthers COLs –Communities of Learning– as a National strategy. 


To talk about what turns collaboration into a catalyzer of improvement in schools; Donna Buschanan (Addington School), Liz Williams (Sacred Heart School) and Chris Panther (Thorrington School) from Kahukura Cluster of Schools in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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