Uruguay digs deep into data.

Uruguay digs deep into data.

On the back of our latest Global Report we wanted to share some more new measures data collected by our Uruguay Cluster.

Over the last three years, Claudia and her team have collected a significant amount of data across all aspects of NPDL. In this report (**note the translate option in the top right corner of the site for an English version) they share some insights into the growth and reach of NPDL across Uruguay. As at June 30, 2018:

  • 270 schools have used the school conditions rubric and shared the results to the central data portal SEA
  • 1359 teachers have used the Learning Progressions to assess student competencies
  • 29903 students have been evaluated using learning progressions
  • 80546 individual evaluations of students have been made

There is also an interesting interactive graphic showing engagement with the 6 C’s over 3 years, and an indication of the expansion of NPDL across CEIP – Elementary Schools, CES – Secondary Schools, and CETP – Vocational Education Schools.


A shout out and congratulations to the Uruguay Cluster for Growing and embedding the work so significantly.

We look forward to seeing you soon at your Regional DLL In Montevideo!

View the full report here: