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New Pedagogies for Deep Learning 2018 Global Report

Celebrating our Global Learning Partnership

2018 NPDL Global Report

This report shares insights, evidence of impact, global and local trends from across our 7 NPDL countries.
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As NPDL continues to grow both in numbers and in relation to the capacity of engaged students, teachers, school and wider school system leaders, parents, and the other members of its diverse global communities, deep learning continues to have a greater impact on the lives of
learners both in school and beyond. Additional capacity building supports are making a difference not only for newly engaged participants but for all, and with each new year of engagement participating clusters are identifying and embedding new pedagogies and approaches that successfully develop deep learning competencies.

Read about 10 Ways to get to Deep Learning Heaven, Collective Capacity Building, and A New Look for New Measures.

Thank you to all our NPDL Leaders, Teachers and Learners who continue to strive to Engage the World and Change the world.