Engage Secondary Students Because the Future Depends on it

Engage Secondary Students Because the Future Depends on it.

As secondary educators we must prepare students now for the uncertainties of tomorrow. In a decade, the students you are teaching today will be charged with the massive responsibility of tackling the world’s most prickly problems. Memorized math formulae and rehearsed soliloquies won’t get us out of the fix we are in. We need to engage our students differently because the future depends on it.

If you want to engage secondary students and prepare them for tomorrow, here are 12 provocations to put you on a Deep Learning path.

Better Together webinar Re-Run

Better Together Webinar Re-Run

Thursday May 6 12 NOON AEST

Deep Learning momentum is fueled by the boundless talent of teachers from around the world. In this session, teachers will come together to brainstorm, imagine and design a Deep Learning experience in a digital space. When creativity, collegiality and challenge collide, the possibilities are endless. Teachers will receive a package of tools and resources.

Intended audience: Teachers actively engaged in, or interested in expanding their capacity to provide Deep Learning

Registration required:  http://bit.ly/B2Gnpv2

Handout: https://bit.ly/NPbetter21