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2019 Global Deep Learning Lab Social Media Feed

Good at Learning and Good at Life

2019 DLL Social Media feed…thanks to all that contributed!

2019 Global Deep Learning Lab

Good at Learning and Good at Life

Program OUT NOW!

The program for our 2019 Global Deep Learning Lab in Toronto is live and available here.

We invite you on a journey to the powerfully possible. Join the global deep learning network as we meet to share transformative solutions for creating a world where all kids cultivate meaning, well-being, and relevance in the classroom and beyond.

Join our Global Directors Michael Fullan, Joanne Quinn and Joanne McEachen, along with thought leaders Jal Mehta and Dr Jean Clinton, and our “Deep Disruptors” Miguel Brechner, Wendy Robinson, Margot McKeegan and Tom D’Amico.

Hear from teachers, leaders and learners across over 20 insight sessions.

We would love to see you in Toronto!

November 11 and 12

Pre and Post Conference sessions available.



DLL 2018 Vancouver Program release


The program for our 2018 DLL in Vancouver is live and available here.

Plan your schedule to engage with as many thought leaders and Insight Sessions as you can.

We hope to see you there!

engage the world

change the world



NPDL Deep Learning Series – A Cross Case Study

These are exciting times. For the first time we see the real possibility for transforming education because Deep Learning, if done well, excites students, parents, teachers and leaders at all levels.

Toward District Wide Deep Learning – A CROSS CASE STUDY reviews the initial NPDL journey of three Ontario School Districts: who they are, what they did, and with what outcomes so far.

This report was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Download the Cross Case Study