Website Relaunch:

We’re back online. 
New website and URL

Dear NPDL members and friends.
We are happy to report that both our public and members-only (HUB) websites are operational again.
Thankyou for your patience during this rebuild.
Please note, the URL (website address) has CHANGED and is now (don’t forget that dash between deep and learning!) Please update your bookmarks!

As a consequence of the rebuild, members who changed their password between March 22 and April 6 may need to reset it again. If you have not changed your password for some time, now would also be a timely opportunity to do so!
Please get in touch with us if you have any issues accessing the new site. Finally, if you do happen to find and non-functioning or missing links on any pages, please let us know!
NPDL Global Team



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