Find your own Finland!

Having just spent a few (extraordinary) days in Helsinki with the new Finland #NPDL Leads it became immediately obvious that there is a powerful education reform in motion there. The Finnish commitment to excellence, developing more that academic proficiencies is a clear reality, and a hot conversation topic, globally.fincurric

Working with the Leads made it immediately clear that the NPDL tools and processes have the potential to add the “How” to the “Why” and the “What” of edu reform.

As Michael Fullan speaks to us through the blog linked below, simply transplanting any model of education shift is prone to contextual and nuanced challenges, So, acknowledging and recognising our Finnish colleagues work, aspirations, standards, achievements and drive; take heart, ideas and inspirations; seek and find your own Finland!


Michael’s blog post

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  1. Claudia Brovetto
    Claudia Brovetto says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing, Max. Uruguay is looking closely to the Finnish experience, and we are trying to learn from there, considering also Micheal’s thinking and message in the blog.

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