Ask the Thought Leaders

Excitement is building for our Deep Learning Lab in Toronto May 1-3

One of the powerful features of this event is to be able to connect, communicate and create new knowledge and understanding with colleagues.

We want to extend that opportunity to anyone who can’t attend the event; here’s your chance!

If you could ask our five DLL Thought Leaders a question, what would it be?

What might you ask

  • Michael Fullan?

  • Daan Roosegarde?

  • Joanne Quinn

  • Alan November?

  • Joanne McEachen?

Post your questions as comments on our  Facebook Page (remember to tag who they are for) an we will attempt to ask as many as possible to our thought leaders over the 3 days in Toronto.

These conversations, and many more, will be broadcast as podcasts here at our Blog.

For more information and opportunities to interact, follow us on twitter @Newpedagogies and #NPDL

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  1. Mary Coverdale
    Mary Coverdale says:

    From the QLD team
    Which country is leading the measurement of individual disposition growth in young people?
    Is it time for Changemakers to open new schools? If a new model is needed, can old infrastructure cater for for it?
    Have any NPDL schools noticed a change in improvement data?

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