Video Feature Series

Dr Jean Clinton – Well-being. Good @Learning Good @Life
In these brief videos, Child Psychiatrist and NPDL advisor, Jean Clinton, explores well-being issues that address these challenging times. Please share with colleagues, families and anyone who can benefit from them.

Also see below for a LIVE WEBINAR opportunity featuring  Dr Jean.

For those of you facilitating virtual meetings with colleagues or students, here is a cheat sheet you can share with your learning group to keep them constructive and collaborative.

Our Voices from the Field features a model to help us think through our reactions, a wonderful positive story and more….

The NPDL global team and friends send a message of hope and inspiration to our hard working Deep Learning Leaders. We have great respect and admiration for the work you are doing right now.

Revised Capacity Building Modules now available on HUB 2.0.

Our Deep Learning Hub continues to be updated with new resources. You can now access and download our UPDATED 6 introductory modules, including PowerPoint presentations, video clips and more! Find the new modules here.

Webinar: Cultivating Well-being in Challenging Times.

If you’ve watched the first two of Jean’s Well-being clips and enjoyed them…or even if you haven’t yet seen them, join us for an interactive webinar on April 30 at 4PM EST.

Jean will will be discussing well-being for children and adults during this challenging time.

Limited places available.

When: April 30, 4PM EST

Register HERE (required but free)