Podcast – Kerry Hall

NPDLConnect Podcast series

How do learning environments support new pedagogies?

How do they enable deeper learning?

Given a blank canvas, what could our learning spaces look like?

In this podcast, we hear about Cashmere Primary’s challenge to rebuild their school after the devastating Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand. From the ashes rose an opportunity to imagine new beginnings, where teachers and architects collaborated, driven by pedagogy, to create living learning spaces.

This conversation with Kerry Hall is an invitation to challenge our assumptions on how a classroom could look, and consider what the space is really for. It also addresses the tension that arises when changing the environment inevitably requires a transformation of ´how we do things´, and how that shift, represents, in the end, a real payoff.

More on this story:
Cashmere Primary is part of the Kahakura New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Cluster.
We invite you take a closer look on how other Christchurch schools have addressed the opportunity and challenge to re-conceive their learning environments and purpose-build furniture. Link (YouTube)

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